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Floppy Bug

We're in the 80's, Floppy Game Studio is creating a game with its brand new game engine, Floppity 3D. Artists are making a lot of assets, not caring at all about the available size on a floppy disk (they never care these damn artists). To save the game, Jean Henri the programmer (the best guy) created you, a super virus. Your mission is to destroy artists assets before they overload the floppy disk.


Floppy Jam

This game was made for the Floppy Jam 2018. The goal is to create a complete and original game fitting on a floppy disk uncompressed, that is to say 1.44MB (surely less than your profile picture).

The game is not compressed (even the binaries).
The game does not download any content at run time.
The game engine was made during the Jam.

The complete project is available here on GitHub.


  • WASD/ZQSD or arrow keys to move
  • Space to go up
  • Left click to shoot
  • Left CTRL or Escape to open/close the console
  • F4 to exit the game


Vincent Stehly--Calisto - Engine/Gameplay Programmer
(Twitter, Website, Linkedin)

Darenn Keller - Game Designer
(Twitter, Website, Linkedin)

Thomas Garcia - 3D/2D Game Artist

Aurélien Demey - Game Sound Designer / Composer

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsAredhele, Darenn Keller
Tags3D, Arcade, Experimental, Fast-Paced, Funny, Game engine, Hacking, Retro, Voxel
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Twitter


OOM-Engine source code 1 MB
Floppy-Bug (v1.0) 768 kB

Install instructions

Nothing more than the game is required. Just extract the archive and click on the executable. You have access to some settings through the file 'Engine.ini' if needed.

Development log


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Very impressive file size for a 3d game.

Thanks! With the experience of this jam I'm convinced that the next time, the engine will fit into 100 KB (or less) 

Thank you !
We recently released a very meta game that got some success. We would be happy to have feedback from you !


This is really cool! Do you think you could make a Visual Studio solution for people who want to get working with it quicker?

Yes it's a good idea, thanks !
We achieved to reduce de game's size, you can try it now if you want. :)



(1 edit)

Thanks! I've uploaded a zip with the engine sources and some demo scenes. I will write a devlog about the making of the engine for those who are interested :)